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Counselling helps people improve their experience of life by increasing self-awareness, deeper connection within and self-knowledge. It does not have to be a long-term commitment, and you will discover your own true self and will learn different strategies and tools to be self-sufficient. You will also learn how to look at your own self, rather than feeling stuck in the past or thinking about the future.

Counselling is a process of working together to figure out what’s creating your symptoms (e.g., anxiety, deep sadness,etc.) and then working to resolve them. Some examples of what people focus on in treatment.


  • • Processing and resolving traumatic memories
  • • Grieving past painful experiences and losses
  • • Developing new ways of coping
  • • Challenging negative thoughts that makes you anxious and depressed
  • • Resolving ambivalent feelings
  • • Being able to name and express feelings a healthy assertive way
  • • increasing your current sense of safety and peace.

I have successfully helped people from all walks of life, ages, cultural backgrounds, ethnicities, religions and gender identities with a wide array of presenting concerns.

I offer

Individual Therapy
Couples Therapy
Family therapy
Children (6-14 years old) Focus on Trauma and Grief


The difficulties and areas include:

  • • Trauma
  • • Grief and Loss
  • • Relationship issues
  • • Childhood abuse
  • • Issues with poor self-image, self-esteem, self-worth
  • • Life transitions
  • • Difficulty identifying or reaching desired life goals
  • • Fear, anxiety, panic attacks.
  • • Sadness, depression
  • • Abuse issues (emotional, physical, sexual)
  • • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
    • * Symptoms of PTSD include: intrusive thoughts of the event, nightmares,flashbacks, avoidance of reminders of the incident,increased arousal, which can include problems such as sleep difficulties, anger outbursts, being easily startled, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, gastrointestinal problems or pain.
  • • Acculturation/Inmigration
    • * The assimilation and adaptation of one individual into a different group of people is difficult due to many changes (language, able to evaluate social clues, adoption of common attitudes and values. This is a complex process that could produce different symptoms such anxiety, loss and separation, disruptions in sleeping, eating behaviors, difficulties in relationships and perceptions, etc.



I charge $110 per 50-minute session, and $ 130 for a couple’s session.


In some cases Extended Health Benefit plans cover therapy by a registered social worker and you may be eligible to submit your receipts for reimbursement. Please consult with your plan administrator, HR department or health Benefit Company directly to find out what your coverage may be.

The initial free phone consultation will offer an opportunity to express your concerns and to determine if I am a counsellor with whom you can work with. Contact me and we discuss your needs and how my experience and training can assist you in moving beyond these issues towards resolution and healing.  

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Nubia Edith Alfonso

nubia sqI am a Registered Clinical Social Worker. I have worked for over 15 years providing individual, couples, families and group therapy in a variety of settings and communities in Ontario.

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